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Top Halloween Trends for 2015!

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Check out what’s hot this Halloween – trends for kids, men and women

Trend #8 Superheroes Rule! 

(And will continue to…till eternity)

Coolest superheroes or badass villains, this trend never falls out of style! This year, put Batman to rest and try Antman! The Marvel Superhero Alter-Ego is creating huge waves this season and is popular among men and kids alike.

Women, if you think you cannot go hotter than the Wonder Woman costume, think twice! Transform into the girlfriend of the Joker with a Harley Quinn costume and say hello to being nasty and sexy!

Trend #7 Laters, Baby!

Go beyond romantic this year, experiment with the Christian Grey and Anastasia look – Chic, Simple and DIY! A fine suit with a necktie for the man, and a leather skirt, corset and knee high boots for his lady – unbeatable winner of the sexiest couple award! Not a fan? No problem! Try one of these hysterical options below - 

 Trend #6 The No-Costumers!

Are you a minimalist? Is your idea of a costume a hat? Then you are in luck!

Hats and wigs are in this season. The Party Warehouse has a plethora of options for headgears for both men & women – fedora hats, wigs, bejeweled headpieces, beads & leis et al

Trend #5 Glowing Halloween Decorations

Always a classic!

Glowing pumpkins, fluorescent ghosts, glow in the dark skeletons and witches, lit-up spider webs….
There is something about glowing decorations which always attracts us!

Trend #4 BFF Costumes

Oh we cannot get enough of this! 2 Broke Girls, White & Black Swan, Dancing Girls Duo Emoji, Dionne & Cher, Wilma & Betty from Flintstones, High School Rachel & Monica from Friends, Serena & Blair from Gossip Girl – there are just so many to choose from. But as they say, boyfriends come and go, best friends are here to stay forever!!

Trend #3 Disney Movie Characters

Cute is an understatement!

While we are still hungover on Frozen from last season, this year Disney’s latest Inside Out is a great hit with kids. Dress as Joy, Anger or Sadness – we simply adore all the looks!

Trend #2 Call Me Caitlyn

The Most Controversial Costume of the Year Award goes to...

Based on Caitlyn Jenner’s iconic Vanity Fair cover, The “Call Me Caitlyn” costume has become a rage with both men and women. If you dare to don this look, you will be top news the entire night!

Trend #1 Minions!

Forget kids, even grandads look smashing in a Minion costume. The Party Warehouse has a whole section dedicated to the Minions theme. Find hats, suspenders, Minion eye goggles, jumpsuits, foam costumes, headgear, Minion pants, tutus and everything yellow! Available for all ages, men & women and even for pets!


So what are you wearing this Halloween?

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