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What does your mustache say about you?

Movember No Shave November

Your mustache says a lot about your personality, ever wondered? Find out with The Party Warehouse!


The Party Warehouse

A gentleman's choice, the handlebar personifies the elegance in a man! If you are a handlebar man, you are charismatic, chivalrous, and philosophical.

Horseshoe Mustache

The Party Warehouse

The Horseshoe is for the strong built man, who perfectly balances rage with charm. Only a badass can sport the pipes! Men with biker mustache are hard to mess around with.

The Chevron

The Party Warehouse

This is why Monica fell in love with Richard! Men who wear a chevron want to be like their dads - dependable, mature, serious but lovable. This 80's look is hard to sport, but if you do, you're the most dignified man in the room!

The Dali

The Party Warehouse

You need to have a certain amount of eccentricity to be able to don this look. Men with the Dali are crafty, shrewd, intellectual and perfectionist - rings a bell?

Pencil Mustache

The Party Warehouse

You might go terribly wrong with this one and end up looking really funny. But you get brownie points if you even attempted to shave your mustache in pencil style. You are not only brave, but artsy! Also, this mustache is the perfect cheat code for those who can't grow a full mustache.

The Full Circle

The Party Warehouse

More than a mustache, less than a beard - The Full Circle brings a certain amount of credibility to your personality. Either you want to age gracefully, or you look too young for your age and want others to take you more seriously. Either way, you took out the time to groom your mane, you're the well-kept man!

So which one are you? Or which one do you want to be! Happy November guys!


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