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7 Best theme ideas for Halloween 2k16 Party

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As soon as September rolls around we witness colors of Halloween spreading all over. From craved pumpkins to zombie graveyard decoration, skeletons in gardens, mask, wigs, Halloween fever increases with each day. More importantly what makes Halloween party memorable is the way you have presented yourself on the big day. Each costume holds a different story and creates a different character for you. Do you want to appear as radiant bee, batman or channel a zany character from your favorite tv show?

All these possibilities are within your reach and you don’t have to worry about collection of all accessories. Halloween Headquarters is a one-stop centre where you would get wide variety of props, costumes and decors. Dressing up on Halloween is so exciting, what makes it more thrilling is when your whole squad is dressed up in a theme.  Theme brings power of oneness. Either you like spooky haunted, gruesome or simple, not so scary Halloween, Here are 7 best theme ideas in which you and your squad (either family or friends) can be dressed up and make Halloween- 2k16 most memorable holiday of your life.

  1. Pokemon

Craziness for Pokemon Go has been tremendous this year. When whole world is being obsessed with pokemons, dressing up as your favorite characters for Halloween will enlighten your  craziness for pokemons. Ash, Serena, Team Rocket or the cutest Pikachu, choose the best and dress like your favourite one. As you say…. Gotta catch ‘em all!

 pokemon theme halloween 2016

  1. Minions

The lovable and squeaky minions from Despicable Me have caught our hearts. This is the most affordable, elegant and super easy theme for your mischievous friends and cute family. Try this theme this year I am sure you will adore your memories forever.

minions theme halloween 2016

  1. Star wars

By selecting this theme for Halloween you can spice up fun and excitement at your home in many ways. Mom can play Queen Amidala, Dad transforms into Chewbacca or Holo Solo, Sister can play Princess Leia and young toddler can play baby Ewok or Anakin Skywalker. Get into the character and get to see what power of character your family holds.

 star wars theme halloween 2016

  1. The Horrors Of the Halloween

Halloween is not a festival, it’s a culture and if it is not scary and spooky it just doesn’t feel the right way. Get into the colors of real Halloween. Dress up like a zombie, pirate, a witch or gruesome ghost and scare the hell out of others. Décor your house with web spiders, skeletons, scary lights etc.

horror theme halloween 2016

  1. Hollywood

Celebrities, glamour and glitz this is what Hollywood is all about. Your squad can dress up as their favorite movie characters or actors from today or beyond. Here you can have Hollywood stars decorating the walkway and walls and you can even setup imitation Oscar award for the one who is best-in-show.

hollywood theme halloween 2016

  1. Snapchat filters

There is no denying power of Snapchat filters. You can choose this theme this Halloween and get stunning looks. The puking rainbow costume, snapchat  ghost costume, tiara filter, the crying eyes costume or snapchat emoji’s costume. This theme is quite in trend and easy to follow

snapchat theme halloween 2016

  1. Super Heroes vs Super villains

Gather all the gang and prepare for a different sort of Halloween experience! Choose a superhero or super villain Batman, Cat women, Spider man, Joker, deadpool, captain America, spice up the trends of Halloween.

 superhero theme halloween 2016

The party ware house wishes you Happy Halloween !

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