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Balloon Decoration Supplies & Ideas

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The Party Warehouse welcomes you all to experience the best Custom Balloon Decorations, bouquets and more at the best prices around Windsor and Essex County. We have thousands of Balloons in stock for all your favourite theme and holiday needs. Some occasions we specialize in and include but are not limited to:

Birthday parties, baby shower, wedding, anniversary, graduation party, a holiday party, wedding showers, bachelorette or stag, summer party fun, BBQ, fiesta, NBA, NHL, MLB and many other sports, decades, adult birthdays, casino, Hollywood, mardi gras, western, farm animals and much much more.

We have a wide assortment of high quality latex and foil balloons that are customized for your party. Accessories are also available to purchase including hi-float, inflators, balloon sticks, balloon weights, ribbon, twirl ribbon and much more.

Pictures below are our own designs and custom designs which we are able to create by our balloon experts for your event. Pre-orders are recommended.



Above: Baby Shower Pacifier $10 (different colours available), Flower $25 (shower, bachelorette, birthdays, Arch starting at $29 (different varieties, single or double)

Balloon Arches, Balloon Bouquets & Balloon Drops

The Party warehouse provides balloon drops and Bouquets. Create wonderful festive atmosphere over the holiday season by decorating your home, office, event center with these colorful balloon drops. Black, silver and gold balloons lend a classy, luxe feel. Mix and match these balloons with our balloon accessories for unique balloon bouquets.



Being the most affordable and the most popular for Balloon decoration ideas, Latex Balloons come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs. Most of the Balloon Arches, Balloon Bouquets and Balloon Drops are created and designed by using latex balloons. All the custom printing is also mostly done on latex balloons only. Whether it’s a Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Anniversary, Christmas, New Year, Graduation Party or Any Theme Party such as Casino, Pirates, Rock n Roll, Hollywood, St Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gras, Halloween or Sports, The Party Warehouse has a wide range of Latex Balloons to suit your needs. Have a look into the pictures below; you can say a showcase to our latex balloon supplies and latex balloons’ decoration ideas.



Helium Inflated Latex Balloons


Latex Balloons for Holiday & Theme Parties


Latex Balloons for Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Baby Shower etc.


Custom-Printed Latex Balloons




 Visit us to enjoy the perfect experience of Latex and Foil Balloonery available at the store.


 Foil Balloons used in Balloon Arches & Balloon Bouquets


Number Shaped & Letter Shaped Foil Balloons



Foil Balloons for Holiday or Theme Parties


Custom-Shaped Foil Balloons 




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  • Wanda on

    I am curious on how much the number foil balloons are….but also how much are latex custom balloons ?
    I am part of a FIRST robotics team (6544 A-Team Robotics) and we have an event coming up at the Windsor University for kids “Science Rendezvous” but we really have no budget for any of this…so if it isn’t too steep I could try and pay for this myself. If you could let me know that would be great.
    Thank you :)

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