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Halloween headquarters the partyware house


Witches and Broomsticks, Ghost and Goblins, spider webs, candies and pumpkins… it’s that time of year again. Halloween- Probably every young heart’s favorite holiday, the irresistible attractions of dressing up and celebration of death, regeneration & New Year, this festival brings so much of fun and liveliness.

Halloween Headquarters! Explore our vast collection of unique and original ideas to find the perfect costume that defines you. Halloween Headquarters is more than just costumes- think Halloween accessories, hats, props, makeup, masks, wigs, shoes and much more, all designed to transform you and your family & friends in Halloween style. From adult costumes to scary, funny costumes, family or friendly or group costumes Halloween Headquarters can provide you high quality professional grade costumes.

Halloween decorations are going all around. From neighborhoods to super market, colors of Halloween have started affecting the surroundings. Zombie graveyard decoration, skeletons in garden plots is stalked into the ground to greet party guests. Everyone wants to be a part of memorable party. Working out on your budget and Halloween decoration strategy can make your party a success. Do you like scary, spooky, gruesome Halloween? Or you wanted to throw an elegant and not so scary kids & family friendly Halloween?

At Halloween Headquarters, there’s something for every taste and budget: High Quality props that welcomes unsuspecting trick-or-treaters with kid-friendly ghost lights and terrifying walls that will bring you joy of catching them all frightened and catch the best Halloween costumes that will make your presence effective. All products are tested for quality and safety. You don’t need to rush for products here and there. Halloween headquarters bring you one stop center for all your requirements.

Looking for something specific? Visit us at Halloween Headquarters, the party warehouse, 1030 Walker Rd, Windsor, Ontario.

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