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Emoji Bags, Balloon Bouquets and Raffle Tickets

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The party warehouse welcomes you all to experience the best products & Supplies at the best prices around Windsor, Ontario. For any party, event, or occasion , our huge stock for parties will satisfy all your needs. Whether it is birthday party, baby shower, wedding, holiday party or any theme party we have creative and unique solutions to your needs in your budget.   

Have a look into our New Arrivals at The Party Warehouse which will add fun to your party.

Balloons -   Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding, balloons just make the place amazing. Fill your party space with unique and colorful patterns of balloons. The Party Ware house offers 10 Latex balloons in wide range of designs and sizes at an unbelievable price of $14.99

Raffle Tickets - Make carnivals even more fun with these raffle tickets. Choose from wide variety of designs. Our store has high professional quality raffle tickets with the lowest price in Windsor,Ontario.

  • Each roll bar coded
  • Each piece, package or box with header bar coded.

2000 double tickects/roll at $9.89

Emoji Gift Bags - Looking for quick and easy gift packaging? Choose from wide variety of emoji gift bags, a unique way to present your gift. These Bags are ideal to present your gift in a cute yet silly style.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Can carry medium to large sized gift or even several small presents.
  • Ideal for emoji themed parties.


Plastic Cups -  Cheers for Beers!  Whenever there’s a beer, there’s party! Sleek and stylish, these cups are great for birthday party or any other special event. Try new collection of Plastic Beer Cups with rock-bottom price of 18ct (capacity-16 oz).


Other Arrivals Include:

  • Huge collection of Loot Bags
  • Colored Wrist bands 50ct at $5.
  • Pinatas from $14.99
  • Vista 2ply set of 180 cocktail Napkins serviettes.

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