Choose from a vast array of paper, plastic, foam or foil tableware, stemware and carry-outs – available in varied colors, patterns, themes and by type – premium, fashionable or eco-friendly. We carry premium brands such as Solo, Dart, Imperial, Darnel, Royal Chinet, Nature’s Own Green Label, Amscan, Unique, as well as in-house products. Most of our tableware is directly sourced from our parent company Champion Products, so we get you the best quality products at affordable prices.
We stock an entire range of Tableware - Plates, cups, bowls, napkins, Spoons, Forks, Knives, Ladels, straws/stirrers, picks, and other cutlery. We also carry table decorations, doilies, wristbands and tickets/liquor-tickets.
Tableware Themed Tableware
Our unmatched stemware section hosts all sizes of Cups, glasses, stem-glasses for wine / champagne, beer glasses, coffee cups and other stemware. We are the only store in Windsor where you can purchase 1-2 oz portion cups (for shots, sauces or condiments) in bulk - our bestseller!